Classes Offered for Girl Scouts

​​Classes can be designed for Daisies through Ambassadors according to badge requirements or other needs. Leaders may request instruction in any of the following: Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification, Babysitter Certification, legacy Girl Scout badges, emergency preparedness, or personal hygiene. Course may involve handouts, games, group activities, and manikin practice. Content, duration, and cost by arrangement.    ​​** Classes may be scheduled seven days a week from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm at your location anywhere in Northern California. Travel charges apply for classes outside of San Mateo County. 

Red Cross CPR and First Aid Classes - For more information, see Take a Class

Lowest price for Red Cross classes held at your location in the Bay Area.

Need me to come to your meeting? No problem! 

​​CPR classes make a great money earning activity for your troop. Ask me how.

Brownies - 

Earn legacy Brownie First Aid Try-It at a troop meeting. Approximately 90 minutes of content. Includes First Aid kit supplies. 

First Aid Try-It Requirements**Find out how to get help from 9-1-1**   **Talk to someone who treats injured people**  **Make a first aid kit**  **Learn how to treat minor injuries**  **Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries**

Juniors - 

Earn legacy Junior badge in First Aid at a troop meeting. Approximately 2 hours* of content, plus brief additional homework assignment. Includes First Aid kit supplies. (*Duration can be adjusted if necessary.)

Fifth grade Juniors, in the spring, are old enough to get Red Cross certification in First Aid, and possibly CPR. (CPR is a strength issue; they must be able to perform chest compressions.) If Red Cross First Aid certification is chosen, the Junior First Aid Badge can additionally be earned by adding 30 minutes for the Girl Scout requirements. The extra content can be added to the 1 hour First Aid classroom session for an additional charge of $20 (per class, not per person.)

Junior First Aid Badge Requirements: **Learn the first steps to take in an emergency**   **Talk to first responders**   **Make a portable first aid kit**   **Find out how to handle urgent first aid issues**   **Know how to take care of someone who is sick**

Cadettes - 

Recommended: Cadettes are old enough to get Red Cross certification in CPR and/or First Aid.

The Babysitter Training class is very popular with Cadettes. (See class information in light green box below.)

And/or earn legacy Cadette badges in First Aid or Babysitting

Cadette First Aid Badge Requirements: ​**Understand how to care for younger children**   **Know how to use everything in a first aid kit**   **Find out how to prevent serious outdoor injuries**   **Know the signs of shock and how to treat it**   **Learn to prevent and treat injuries due to weather**   

The Cadette First Aid Badge can be earned by taking the Red Cross First Aid certification class, and adding 45 minutes for the Girl Scout requirements. The extra content can be added to the 1 hour First Aid class (after online work) for an additional charge of $30/class.

Cadette Babysitting Badge Requirements**Get to know how kids develop**   **Prepare for challenges**   **Focus on play**   **Find potential employers**   **Practice your babysitting skills (this requirement is not met by a class)**

The Red Cross Babysitter Training class includes all but one of the requirements for the Cadette Babysitting Badge.

Seniors - 

Recommended: Red Cross certification in CPR and/or First Aid. Optional: Camping First Aid basics class. Some Seniors choose the Babysitter Training class.

And/or complete some requirements for the legacy Senior badge in First AidSenior First Aid Badge Requirements: **Find out how to perform triage**   **Know how to help a head or neck injury**   **Learn how to use everyday objects to make splints**   **Recognize the signs of alcohol and drug overdose**   **Share your knowledge with others**


Ambassadors -

Recommended: Red Cross certification in CPR and/or First Aid. Optional: Camping First Aid basics class.

The legacy Ambassador badge in First Aid covers more advanced topics. I can work with leaders to present some, but not all, of the following requirements:  **Learn how to handle wilderness medical emergencies**   **Research careers that save lives in extreme conditions**   **Find out how to care for a critically injured person**   **Know how to move an injured person**   **Explore handling real-life wilderness emergencies**

Leaders and Troop Adults - 

A First Aider is required whenever troops will cook or sleep outdoors. Make sure that someone in your troop has current First Aid/CPR certification. Required: Red Cross certification in CPR and First Aid. Optional: Camping First Aid basics class.

Tagalongs/Pixies - 
Yes, very young children can learn some general First Aid guidelines. The Red Cross has also developed a class on personal hygiene/hand washing for this age group. I have taught classes for kids as young as 3 years old.

I'm proud to be a Lifetime Girl Scout. I am the volunteer camp nurse at our local Girl Scout Day Camp, and have been a Girl Scout volunteer and leader for many years. I raised my daughters as Girl Scouts. I have instructed hundreds of Girl Scouts and leaders in CPR and First Aid. I readily answer to "Garfield", my camp name : )
Since I teach so many Girl Scouts, stories of youth rescuers are my favorites. See them highlighted on the "Stories" tab.  

​​Babysitter Training Course   

This class is very popular with Cadettes and Seniors. 

Participants receive Red Cross Babysitter Training completion certificate. The recommended age for this course is 11-15 years old. 

​I am a Girl Scout screened adult volunteer, so only one other leader/adult needs to be at the classes. (That can really help with the availability on your end, since you don't need two adults.)

The course provides youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. This training will help participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business, keep themselves and others safe and help children behave; and learn about basic child care. 

The class does not include CPR or First Aid certification. Basic First Aid content is covered. It is strongly recommended that participants take the Pediatric CPR and First Aid class. The additional required class time can be added at a discounted price.

​​​Cost includes the Babysitter's Handbook and the Emergency Reference Guide. It also includes the Babysitter's CD-ROM, which provides the tools needed to run a babysitting business, including a babysitting organizer, a printable activity booklet, a resume template and more.

*Girl Scout Badges: By adding one hour to the Babysitter Class, Cadettes will complete all of the requirements to earn the legacy Cadette First Aid Badge and all but one of the requirements to earn the legacy Cadette Babysitting Badge. Seniors can complete some of the Senior First Aid Badge requirements. The Cadette and Senior content do not overlap; is both levels' content is desired, contact me for pricing. 

Class Size: For groups of 6-10 students. If you have more than 10, we can schedule another class. If you have less than 6, you can open it up to others who aren't Girl Scouts, or others in your Service Unit. *Classes without CPR can have up to 12 students.

If you have at least six students taking the Babysitting with CPR/First Aid class, other youth or adults are welcome to take the CPR/First Aid certification alone for $75. The maximum total is 10 students in a CPR class. (If you have 6 students taking Babysitting with CPR/First Aid, up to 4 others may take the CPR/First Aid certification only.)

Room requirements: You need a large open room, such as a very large bonus room in a house, or a classroom. One chair per student (or they can sit on the floor) and instructor, table space for the instructor, and room for a projection screen is needed.​

BABYSITTER TRAINING COURSE - options with per person cost
1Babysitter Training Course completion 

7 hours
can split into 2 classes*


1ABabysitter Training + Girl Scout badge** content
Add 1 hourAdd $5 = $90 total



with Online + Classroom 

Pediatric CPR and First Aid certification 

Add Girl Scout badge content at no charge  

Classroom time:
7 1/2 hours
can split into 2 classes*

Plus online time:
2 - 3 hours***

Add 30 minutes


Save 1 day and $62
off of classroom option

no extra charge

$85 Babysitter Training

$5 GS Badge Content
$75 online CPR, Infant, First Aid

OR $100 classroom only option

$165 - $190 total

Class times include breaks. Though not ideal, class can be split into two sessions if necessary.
* There is an extra $10 per person charge for splitting classes into extra sessions.

** If Babysitter Training is taken without First Aid certification. Requirements for both First Aid and Babysitting Badges. 

***Online time varies. See information on "Take a Class" tab for explanation.

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The Girl Scout motto is: Be Prepared.  Let Be Prepared First Aid help.